Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our unique process here at Leeson Park School of Music we have tried to answer all of your possible questions. There's quite a few but we promise its worth the scroll.

If we've missed your questions let us know.

What is the ideal age for starting music?
Why does Leeson Park start Music Classes from 3 months, is this not too young?
Why are Leeson Park Music Kindergarten classes different to other music groups for babies?
What is the latest age Leeson Park will accept a child? Why?
What happens after Music Kindergarten and Pre-Instrumental classes?
What age does my child choose an instrument?
What instruments do Leeson Park offer?
How do children choose an instrument?
Does my child need to own an instrument when starting instrumental lessons?
What if my child doesn’t want to play an instrument when it’s their time to start?
What if my child wants to change instrument?
What method does Leeson Park use?
How many classes a week will my child attend?
Do you run any classes outside of Leeson Park?
Are instrumental classes group or private?
Will my child get homework from their teacher?
Will my child sit exams during their time at Leeson Park?
What grades can my child complete at Leeson Park?
What age/when does my child finish at Leeson Park?

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