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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our unique process here at Leeson Park School of Music we have tried to answer all of your possible questions. There's quite a few but we promise its worth the scroll.

If we've missed your questions let us know.

What is the ideal age for starting music?

There is no age too young to expose your child to the world of music, this is why Leeson Park has special baby groups for children from 3 months.

Why does Leeson Park start Music Classes from 3 months, is this not too young?

These early stages in a child’s life are crucial to their development in later years. Being exposed to the world of music at this young age helps them acquire a natural sense of rhythm, tune, and beat.

Why are Leeson Park Music Kindergarten classes different to other music groups for babies?

Music Kindergarten at Leeson Park lays the core foundation for the child's musical development, and children can progress from music kindergarten to begin learning an instrument. From day one, the most important aspect of kindergarten is the fact that the child starts by using their own musical instrument, their voice.

What is the latest age Leeson Park will accept a child? Why?

The latest age Leeson Park will take a child is 7 years of age in pre-instrumental music classes. Leeson Parks curriculum requires that the child must take part in pre-instrumental classes as this plays a core role in achieving the best results when the child begins instrumental training.

What happens after Music Kindergarten and Pre-Instrumental classes?

All students in Music Kindergarten will progress to Pre-Instrumental classes at the age of 4. In the final year of Pre-Instrumental (MK Stage 2) each child is introduced to the various instruments that Leeson Park offers. This is when they will choose an instrument to try and progress to Instrumental Classes.

What age does my child choose an instrument?

The youngest age a child can start the complexities of an instrument is 6 years of age. However, if your child joins the Music Kindergarten programme at a later age, this may delay the starting on an instrument.

What instruments do Leeson Park offer?

We offer classical instruments from the colour strings method which include, Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute and Classical Guitar.

How do children choose an instrument?

The children get to hear all instruments and try out the instrument of their choice before making their final decision. It is important that the child has the final say on the instrument they chose, as they must be passionate and excited about starting on their instrument.

Does my child need to own an instrument when starting instrumental lessons?

Yes. Your child must own their own instrument before beginning instrumental studies as daily practice is a key factor to success. Once the instrument is chosen Leeson Park will advise when and where to buy the instrument. Please refer to this advice before purchasing an instrument which may not be suitable.

What if my child doesn’t want to play an instrument when it’s their time to start?

It is important never to push your child to start on an instrument. If this happens, do not worry, your child can progress to Musicianship year 1, and perhaps start in the following term.

What if my child wants to change instrument?

On the rare occasion that this may happen we will facilitate this and help the child figure out what instrument they think they might like to change to.

What method does Leeson Park use?

Leeson Park follows the Kodály Colourstrings method you can read more here.

How many classes a week will my child attend?

For Music Kindergarten and Pre-Instrumental, your child will attend once a week. When a child starts an instrument, they will attend 2 classes each week, an instrumental lesson and a musicianship class.

Do you run any classes outside of Leeson Park?

Unfortunately, not. All classes and lessons take place at Leeson Park School of Music in Rathmines. 

Are instrumental classes group or private?

Instrumental classes are one on one with the instrumental teacher, apart from when the child first begins learning their instrument, and they are in a group of two to encourage learning from each other.

Will my child get homework from their teacher?

A core aspect of the learning of an instrument is practice from day one. Each week the child will be given practical homework relative to the age and standard of the child.

Will my child sit exams during their time at Leeson Park?

All children take part in a yearly internal assessment programme. Not all children are suited to external exams. Here at Leeson Park we recognise that. We encourage performances rather than exams.

What grades can my child complete at Leeson Park?

Leeson Park uses Trinity Guildhall London examination board. Children can take grades 3, 5, and 8 during their time at Leeson Park if recommended by their teacher.

What age/when does my child finish at Leeson Park?

Typically, children can stay in Leeson Park up until the age of 18.

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