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Our aim is to promote excellence in Music Education

We use the Colourstrings approach developed by internationally renowned violin teacher Geza Szilvay. This is an innovative, multi-sensory, child-centred approach to music education capable of taking children from music kindergarten to conservatoire level.
Colourstrings music education begins in the music kindergarten where children develop their sense of pitch, beat and rhythm through games and playful activities. As the children progress through the programme they are introduced to reading and writing music through a simplified colour-coded system of notation.
One of the strengths of this approach is the common repertoire, from the Singing Rascals series, which is used in both kindergarten, early instrumental, musicianship and orchestral ensembles. This repertoire provides continuity and a sense of security for the children and enables a seamless transition from kindergarten to instrumental training.
We believe that using the Colourstrings approach provides music education that gives children the finest opportunity to acquire a love of music and to develop musicianship and early instrumental skills in a completely integrated way. 

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