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Age 4-8 years


Children aged 4 – 8 years can attend our After School Introductory Music Classes which is a 2 year Pre-Instrumental Programme. These weekly classes allow children to attend on their own to build a relationship with music and a foundation for progression to our Instrumental and Musicianship Training. If your child is under 4 check out our Kindergarten Music Classes.

Activities in these classes include:
  • Unaccompanied singing
  • Rhythm games
  • Movement to music including dancing and creative movement
  • Playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments
  • Listening to music, both live and recorded
  • Performing, composing and improvising

A minimum of two years of Pre-Instrumental Music Classes is essential before a child can progress through the LSPM Programme. In these years, musical concepts are made fully conscious through the introduction of written symbols. Children gradually learn to associate the sounds heard internally with their written symbols.

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