Leeson Park Music Making Kit

We are excited to launch our LPSM Music Making Kit which we have been busy working on all summer! We have designed this kit to bring music into your home and help you to support your child as they progress through the different levels of Music Kindergarten and

Pre-Instrumental at the school.

Kits are required course material for all Kindergarten and

Pre-Instrumental classes from 6 months right up to 6 years. 

Your Kit can be purchased from the school for €60.

Whats in the kit?

All Singing Rascals Books

LPSM support videos

Pair of Claves

Pentatonic CD

A shaker

A dance scarf

About our support videos

Our three support videos, one for each Singing Rascals book, feature stories and songs from the books and help to bring music alive for your child. The videos introduce the note names in a child friendly manner preparing the way for the progression to instrumental training.

Get your kit from

Leeson Park now!

LPSM Kits are only available to enrolled students for 2020/2021.

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