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Advanced Music Theory


In our Advanced Music Theory classes, students continue to develop their aural skills but are now ready intellectually to explore, and understand more fully, the more abstract aspects of music theory. 


Students are led to an understanding of the various styles and periods of music, together with the study of harmony, analysis and composition. These aspects are important to further support their instrumental training as they progress onto more advanced repertoire.


Should my child continue with Advanced Music Theory?
These classes are strongly recommended for students who are learning advanced instrumental repertoire Grade 5 level and above. In these classes students will explore more advanced musical and theoretical concepts which are necessary for a complete understanding of the repertoire they are playing.


What Curriculum is used in Advanced Music Theory?

These classes are based on the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) curriculum (Grade 5-8). At the end of each year students will have the opportunity and be supported to sit the RIAM Grade exam for their class level. Sitting the RIAM exam is optional, students will be able to progress to the following Grade without the exam. 


Upon completion of the Advanced Music Theory Grade 8 programme, students will have developed the skills required for admission to third-level music courses if this is a path they wish to explore.

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